New Zealand has a serious alcohol and drug problem

Many of our young people end up in a life of despair and hopelessness through substance abuse. Our nation has one of the highest rates of suicide, teen pregnancies and drug and alcohol use in the Western World.

“P” methamphetamine is fast becoming New Zealand’s most popular drug with many violent crimes and homicides happening as a direct result of this insidious substance.

In addition, New Zealand has also created an environment and culture of binge drinking which is progressively getting worse by the year.

Our objective is to educate, equip and empower young people with the tools and skills they need to make healthy and informed choices for life

Where Can I Turn?

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Footnote Since this video was created, Pat has continued in his journey of recovery and has been drug free for 20 years. The number of friends Pat has seen die prematurely through drug, alcohol and substance abuse continues to climb and the figure now stands at 57 as of November 2015.


I had the privilege to work with Paul Holmes in the filming of the “Chasing the Ghost” documentary in 2009, on the substance called methamphetamine or “P”.


 Paul’s input and candidness helped highlight the insidious scourge of methamphetamine in this nation and facilitated in creating initiatives which proactively educate and bring awareness to this problem, one of which is the Stellar Trust. For 3 and half years-We have worked in partnership with the Stellar Trust and spoken to over 170 schools throughout New Zealand. 


Sadly-The Stellar Support closed due to lack of funds-


Click link.-


Thanks Paul for your support and courage to be very vulnerable during your own difficult times in your dealings with methamphetamine


R.I.P   Paul      01/02/2013